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Slinger is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned small business that manufactures assistive devices to enhance independence and accessibility for smartphone use by older people and people with disabilities.  Slinger is the only universal, retractable phone lanyard with a built-in wallet and kickstand. The lanyard extends long enough to wear in the front, crossbody, or over the shoulder like a purse. The lanyard can be quickly and easily retracted and put away so that the phone still fits inside a pocket or purse. The integrated wallet holds up to 5 IDs and credit cards, and /or cash. The wallet doubles as a kickstand for a sturdy horizontal or vertical support. Being able to carry ID and credit cards reduces the number of individual items people must carry and keep track of, which is especially helpful for people with low vision or blindness, or who use wheelchairs.  Being able to wear your phone allows for hands free use during phone calls with the use of the speaker phone, assists use of the phone with reduced hand dexterity or strength, and reduces the risk of dropping, damaging, and /or loss of the phone.  Always having access to the phone while wearing it also improves safety for older people and people with disabilities, especially those with more independence or who live alone, since they will have their phones with them in case of an emergency.

Mark Small